Geothermal Energy

Thermo No.1

Thermo No. 1

Thermo No. 1 BE-01, LLC is an operating binary geothermal power plant located in Beaver County, Utah. The facility is located on 1,120 acres of property leased from School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) and a private property owner. The facility was constructed in 2008-2009 and placed into service and commercial operation in April 2009.  The facility is a 10.3 MW rated, zero-emissions, water cooled, geothermal power plant. The power generated at Thermo No. 1 is currently being sold to the City of Anaheim. Thermo No. 1 employs 9 full-time employees, including 7 local residents.


Thermo Generator Upgrade Completion:

In 2011, Thermo No. 1 solicited proposals from qualified geothermal generation equipment providers to provide more efficient generation equipment. Thermo No. 1 selected Ormat Nevada, Inc. as the equipment provider. Ormat is the geothermal industry leading equipment manufacturer with 35 years of experience and over 1,500 MW installed and operating power plants around the world.

An EPC contract was negotiated in late 2011 and executed on December 19, 2011.  Ormat engineered and installed a new ORMAT® ENERGY CONVERTER (OEC) power generation unit, consisting of two OEC turbines. The OEC uses advance binary technology.  The new generating equipment was integrated with the existing power plant equipment, which includes the existing cooling tower, process controls, production wells, well field piping, substation, and transmission line.  The existing UTC micro turbines will remain in place and the contractor will provide a control system that will allow for the operation of the existing equipment or the operation of the new generating equipment, but not at the same time. Thus, the existing turbines will be able to operate on a stand-by basis if the New Generator is out of service.  With the more efficient Ormat equipment, the facility will operate at or near the rated output of 10.3 MW.  The generation upgrade did not require or call for any additional geothermal wells or well field piping. The Generator Upgrade Project was completed in May 2013. The improved facility is expected to generate $7.5M in annual revenue.